The Lord's Diner exists to combat hunger in the community. The Diner's singular mission is to serve a nutritious meal with dignity and respect to anyone who is hungry.

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Our next guest, Shannon grew up in South Carolina. Shannon bounced around family members until her father placed her in a children’s home at the age of 5.

“I spent 13 years there and it was wonderful. I always had kids to play with and they really cared about me.” She said.

“When I was 17, I met Bill and Donna. They were a couple who regularly donated Christmas presents to the home. We immediately formed a tight bond and they ended up adopting me. They had a beautiful home and they took care of me as I finished up high school. I wrote an essay about my life and was awarded a scholarship that helped me to go to college.” Shannon said.

After college Shannon moved around a bit and eventually had a son. After the birth of her first child she moved around a bit and ended up in Wichita where she rekindled with her own birth mother. After multiple boyfriends and changes in residence, Shannon met a man whom she called ‘Grandpa’. Grandpa moved Shannon and her two sons back to Kansas.

“I moved into Inner Faith and found The Lord’s Diner. I have since started a job that I love with the Red Cross and moved into my own place.” She said.

Shannon is now happily raising her boys and says, “We’re doing good and we are so thankful to The Lord’s Diner helping to stretch the budget since we don’t get any government assistance.”

Leo a.k.a. Marine


After 6 years of service, Leo aka Marine, found himself at the Lord’s Diner. Leo, who served 3 years of active service and 3 years of inactive service, said “I moved to Wichita to work in the aircraft industry. Due to a shoulder injury, I was unable to keep working.”

“Unfortunately apart from that shoulder injury I got during the war, I also suffer from PTSD. I go to counseling once a week and it helps, but I saw a lot and I can’t unsee any of it,” Leo said. “I’ve been coming to the diner for the last 7 years. I come in first with people in wheelchairs and using walkers. Although I don’t use a walking device, I find it difficult to carry a tray because of that shoulder injury. So, I rely on the goodness of the volunteers to get me a tray,” Leo said.

“It’s been helpful and something that others might take for granted. Eating at The Lord’s Diner allows me to save money each week. That money goes to my car payments and gas.”


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